Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC) News

Welcome To Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC).

It was founded by Charles E. Campbell, a Black African American Inventor, Innovator and Entrepreneur. In 2010, he realized that the world needed a new source of clean, cheap and safe power generating source to address Climate Change related to Global Warming caused by burning fossil fuels for electricity.

He took the technology of a conventional hydroelectric dam and the height of a high rise building and filed a US Patent for his process, which was issued on Mar. 19, 2013 entitled “Hydroelectric Power System” Patent Number 8,400,007 B2.

The Obama Administration allocated more than 30 Billion Dollars for renewable energy, but denied his 2 Million Dollar Grant Proposal, but gave Solyndra Solar $535 Million Dollars to build solar panels. One year later, they filed bankruptcy and it was exposed that they had contributed to Candidate Obama’s 2008 Presidential Campaign.
When AHEC contacted the US Department of Commerce for assistance, he was told to contact Ohio Department of Commerce. When he did, offered no assistance, but when AHEC tried to generate seed investment, the Ohio Department of Commerce Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) opened an Investigation due to a problem with AHEC’s Website, which then changed to its effort to generate seed capital through the new Crowdfunding Law.  The matter was eventually closed with a “Cease and Desist Agreement not to seek funding in Ohio.

No International, National, or Local Media will cover AHEC’s Technology, if validated, could create manufacturing jobs building AHEC hydro Power Plants and offer a solution to Climate Change.
Additionally, no federal official, governor, or mayor has responded to my request to help their state or city create jobs, if AHEC technology is validated.

I suspect, the strategy is to ignore AHEC’s technology until the US Patent expires.   Innovation does not wait!  AHEC is seeking to relocate its International Headquarters to a state or country where innovative ideas matter more than race, and  will continue to innovate and compete without Fear or Greed.

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO