AHEC Process

Watch AHEC Process Modeling:

Technology Components

2 Water Storage Reservoirs

40 (700 MW) Francis Turnbine Generators  – 8 More than China’s Three Gorge Dam

Solar Panels On Sides of The Building

2 Sets of Industrial Rechargable Batteries

Vacuum Pumps at the Top creates Pressure creates a flow process with a pressure imbalance like cyphering gas out of car gas tank that has unlimited gas.

Water Pumps at the Bottom

Closed-Loop System

2 Pinstocks

Return Penstock Backfilled


Competition Strategy

If validated, AHEC will utilize a Chinese Method of Rapid Manufacturing and Rapid Power Plant Construction.  Four Shifts 7 days per week will be employed to rapidly manufacture  Power Plant Components in several factories. Several Rapid Construction Teams will be hired  to rapidly construct each 70-story Hydro Power Plants within 4 to 6 months.  Teams will be hired to operate each AHEC Hydro Power Plant.  If validated, clean power will be generated, and distributed for a Flat Monthly Price like cable to residential, commercial and industrial consumers globally.

Each AHEC Hydro Power Plant is projected to cost less than $1 Billion Dollars.


See Example Of How China Does It:



China can now build a 57 Story Building in 19 Days.  Using the same manufacturing and construction process, AHEC 70 Story Hydro Power Plants can constructed to meet the global demand for clean energy.